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Mills-Peninsula’s Advanced Joint Care and Replacement Center Joins the California Joint Replacement Registry

SH_MPHS_Orth_jointCare_1line_1lineDept_clr_cmykMills-Peninsula’s new Advanced Joint Care and Replacement Center, which opened to patients in July 2014, has joined the California Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR), an independent organization that collects and reports patient data about the outcomes of joint replacement procedures. Mills-Peninsula joined the CJRR in an effort to continuously improve quality and satisfaction for our patients who have hip and knee replacements.

Since its opening, the Advanced Joint Care and Replacement Center has registered more than 200 knee and hip replacement patients in the CJRR. “Tracking patient outcomes in the CJRR is truly beneficial to patients and the joint replacement care field as a whole,” said Kyoko Lok, clinical nurse case reviewer in Quality Management at Mills-Peninsula. 

Patients who participate in the CJRR can help advance joint replacement care in California. Each participant’s joint implant is logged in the registry and the patient’s recovery process is tracked. CJRR also tracks device safety and effectiveness, post-operative complication and revision rates and patient-reported experiences and outcomes.

“We receive regular reports from the CJRR that provide statistics and data that can be used to improve quality and all aspects of care for joint replacement patients,” Lok said.

“Patient registries such as CJRR have shown to be effective in improving patient outcomes and reducing complications that can occur both during and following surgical procedures,” said Laura Matteucci, program director.

Mills-Peninsula’s Joint Replacement care team includes expert surgeons, orthopedic-certified nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and a dedicated patient navigator to guide patients through treatment. Our case manager assists patients with discharge from the hospital and in a successful transition to recovery at home. The Advanced Joint Care & Replacement Center is located at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, 1501 Trousdale Drive, in Burlingame, CA. Visit the Mills-Peninsula Advanced Joint Care and Replacement website for more information.