Family Birth Center

Last and First Babies Born at Old, New Hospitals

Amidst a well-orchestrated transition of 102 patients from the old to the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center hospital, life went on and there were two historical debuts.

The last baby born at Peninsula Medical Center on Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 9:12 a.m., was Matthew Deninger, born to William and Heanna Deninger. Matthew’s big sister was also born at Peninsula Medical Center in the very same room. “We are actually happy that Matthew was born in the old hospital because his older sister was born there,” said Heanna Deninger. “In fact, they were both born in the same room.” Read More

Modern Birth Experience at Mills-Peninsula

Janine and Scott Axe got to know their twins Guillermo John and Gregory James before they were born.

“We had already named them and knew who was who when we saw them in the ultrasound,” Scott said.

Yet, when Janine had a Cesarean section, the babies may have come in reverse of the predicted order, Janine explained.

“Greg was probably supposed to be Guillermo.”

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Family Birth Center gains gardens, outdoor patio

You may not have believed it possible to improve the renowned Mills-Peninsula Family Birth Center, but come November when the doors of the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center open, a truly first-class birthing experience awaits: 

  • Spacious private rooms to accommodate your entire birth experience. Outside views – some overlooking gardens.
  • All rooms have 100 percent fresh air (no recycled air)
  • An outdoor patio area for mothers, families and visitors
  • Wireless monitors allow moms to walk outside their rooms without interrupting fetal heart rate monitoring
  • All rooms have sleep accommodations for family, refrigerator and large television
  • Special care nursery (neonatal intensive care unit) has six rooms with sleeper accommodations for family
  • Two C-section surgery and recovery rooms
  • State-of-the-art infant security system
  • Mom and baby stay together in the same suite

Come visit our new space before it opens. Public tours will be held on Nov. 20 and 21. More information about the tours is coming soon.