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Mills-Peninsula Health Services Launches Health Blog

Mills-Peninsula Health Services (MPHS)  launched a new health blog in April 2011,  designed as a forum for engaging patients, their families and the community in conversations about health care, and to help promote health education and wellness through articles and tips from MPHS doctors, health experts and departmental staff.

“We are excited to have this new online forum to share health information in new ways and interact with the community through their article comments and sharing,” said Jill Antonides, MPHS director of marketing, communications and public affairs. We created the blog as another way to connect with the community, and because we believe that quality health information and education can help people be even more prepared to actively participate in their health care and wellness decisions.” The community can subscribe to the blog via an RSS feed and also join in conversation with Mills-Peninsula on Facebook and Twitter.

Read more about the new health blog.

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