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Room service anyone?

Starting in May, it may be difficult to tell whether you are staying in a hotel or a hospital. The new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is preparing to roll out room service dining for all hospital patients (or should I say guests?).

One of the key patient and family-centered features of the new hospital, room service allows patients and their family members to order meals and snacks from their room whenever they are hungry. Now you can schedule your meal around tests and treatments so you’ll always have fresh, hot food to enjoy. In addition, families can call in meal orders for patients, even from outside the hospital.

All meals are cooked-to-order at the new Atrium at Mills-Peninsula, our restaurant located near the main lobby entrance of the new hospital.

  • Room service dining will start Monday, May 16, 2011
  • Dial F-O-O-D (x3663) from any in-house phone to reach room service
  • The room service menu, featuring a wide variety of fresh foods, will be provided to you upon admission
  • Orders will be delivered to your room within 45 minutes
  • Most patients will be able to participate; exceptions include patients on strict diets related to their treatment. Your care team will let you know whether you are on diet restrictions, and when you place your order, the room service call center staff will know your diet plan as well
  • Family members and guests may also order room service from the patient’s menu for a nominal fee. They can pay by credit card


  1. Hello,
    I am wondering what type of equipment you will be using to deliver your meals, ie. how are you going to keep the hot foods hot and cold foods cold?

    • Food is kept hot on the room service line steam tables and under heat lamps; it is kept cold in the room service line refrigerators and freezers. When an order comes in, the items are prepared and dished. Hot food goes on a heated base and is covered with insulated dome (or an insulated bowl, mug, etc.). All trays will leave the kitchen no longer than 10 minutes after being dished.

  2. Here”s the link to our Human Resources website:

    Good luck!

  3. Is the cafeteria open to the public?

    • Yes, the Atrium is open to the public . Family members and guests can dine in the lovely cafe or on the patio, or they may order room service from the patient’s menu for a nominal fee. They can pay by credit card.

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