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High-tech meets old-fashioned healing

Rendering Patient Room

Patient Room

A century ago, Florence Nightingale wrote about the healing properties of natural light, fresh air and quiet.

Today, in tandem with countless medical advancements, the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center takes a lesson from the past by creating a healing environment based on these simple elements, while always focusing on patients and their families.

“We’re not looking at just the clinical side of healing, but also the emotional side,” said Zani Weber, vice president of the patient experience. “It’s a more holistic way of caring for people.” Read More

‘Ode to Joy’ uplifts patients and residents

Public Art Sculpture by artist, Douwe Blumberg

Rendering of “Ode to Joy”

The new medical center will incorporate a unique public art sculpture by Kentucky artist Douwe Blumberg called “Ode to Joy.” The piece consists of a series of aluminum sculptures that resemble flocks of birds soaring skyward.

“The overarching theme is a wildly exuberant expression of hope, freedom and joy,” Blumberg writes in a statement on the work. “Just as [Mills-Peninsula’s] focus centers upon patient and family wellbeing, the function of this art goes beyond facility ornamentation to serve the higher purpose of uplifting and edifying all viewers.”

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