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How many hours does it take to build a new hospital?

With the help of Larry Kollerer, senior project manager for the hospital replacement project, we’ve collected some fun stats about the construction of the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center. Exactly how many hours does it take to build a state-of-the-art medical center?

• An average of 308 people per day have worked on the construction site since ground was broken on Nov. 1, 2006. So far, the hours worked total more than 1.6 million.

• By the time the new hospital is complete, approximately 1,200 miles of data cable will be installed in the new facility. If this cable was stretched out in a straight line, it would run from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas.

• Approximately 250,000 pounds of copper wire have been installed (6.5 million feet) to power lights and receptacles.

• More than 60 million pounds of concrete have been poured to construct the new hospital. That’s more than 1,500 truckloads.

• According to the April 16 edition of the San Francisco Business Times, the largest construction project currently on the Peninsula is the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center. Cost: $640 million.

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